Nyingma Online Offerings

*All times are Pacific Time (UTC/GMT -7)

Dharma College
Berkeley, California. It is offering all its current courses online. They are based on Tarthang Tulku’s Revelations of Mind and Lotus Trilogy. It also offers a Skillful Means Challenge, led by Wangmo Dixey. Free 30-minute classes are also being offered. 

Nyingma Institute 
Berkeley, California. All classes are being offered online. A new series of classes starts soon. There is a weekly Tibetan Yoga drop-in class every Sunday, and a free Sunday evening Dharma talk. Nyingma Institute is also offering a free online offering, Tools for Troubled Times, more info here.

Mangalam Center 
Berkeley, California. A free Mindful Art Class is offered every Tuesday at 03:00 PM Pacific Time (UTC/GMT -7), and there is an evening drop-in meditation class on Wednesdays. Mangalam is also home to the Center for Creative Inquiry, which offers online programs in Full Presence Mindfulness. It also hosts the Mindful Living community, whose participants have been vital in setting up this website.  

Dharma Publishing 
Ratna Ling (Sonoma County), California. Dharma Publishing offers a rich variety of self-study programs based on Tarthang Rinpoche’s books written for Westerners, including Knowledge of Freedom and a vast series of E-Kum Nye programs. There are also early morning (local time), donation-based Kum Nye practice classes

Nyingma Centers International
The umbrella organization for 4  Nyingma Centers: Nyingma Centrum Nederland in Amsterdam, Nyingma Zentrum in Cologne, Germany, Centro Nyingma de Budismo Tibetano in Rio de Janeiro, and Centro Nyingma do Brasil in São Paulo. They each offer a variety of online classes and self-study programs in their local languages. The Rio center offers a daily chant for protection against contagion at 6 pm local time.

Other Nyingma Centers
Odiyan Retreat Center, Sonoma County, California. 
Ratna Ling Retreat Center, Sonoma County, California.
Sarnath International Nyingma Institute , Northern India.

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